Mice & Rats Warnings / Protocols

Tip 1): LOCATIONS: Cannabis Greenhouse, Greenhouse, Chicken House, Workshop, Warehouse, Mouse Burrow, Rat Burrow, Attic, Crawlspace, Home, Vehicles and other areas protected from wind and moisture.

Tip 2): Mice & Rats are more often much more sensitive to smells than most people realize, remove all nest and feces that attract mice.

Tip 3): When using Morgan’s Mice & Rats Indoors: Normally requires 2.5 ounces to treat 3,200 cubic feet, Air should not be exchanged, in large quantities, in the area being treated but an exit for rodents must be assured, Air should have some circulation or temperature fluctuations to allow scent to travel into hidden areas, Odor will flow down more often than up, place in the upper 75% of the room height.

Tip 4:) When using Morgan’s Mice & Rats Outdoors: Realize only the immediate area will be impacted and not at all times because of wind drift, rain, snow and overlaying debris. Outdoor use includes mice and rat burrows. Chicken coops and open type buildings will normally require more frequent replacements.

Tip 5): Observation indicates when using Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rat formulas, it normally takes 48 to 72 hours of treatment before rodents start seeking a way out.

Tip 6): Rodents do not travel through solid objects, user must assure the area being treated has an exit for them to leave. Mice and rats can be carried or pass through open doors into an unescapable areas.

Request Safety Datasheet (SDS) through “Leave a Reply”, found below.

REPELLENT FOR MICE & RATS COST, FOR 90+ DAYS (When used indoors as directed): $9.97 For A 20′ x 20′ x 8′ Area ($00.0004 a cubic foot per day)

Provided by Natural Environmental Solutions, Inc. @ https://www.MinimumRiskPesticide.com/shop

DIRECTIONS TO USE: Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats


    • For every 400 square feet x 8 feet of height, place 2.5 ounces into a shallow oil safe container such as glazed ceramic, glass, metal hdpe plastic containers or cut the top off at the “Cut Line” (of the product package. Place 48″ to 96″ above the floor, in the path of circulating air as a fan or cold air return vent, when available.
    • Use in areas where air is isolated from areas not being treated.
    • The area being treated needs to be at a temperature between 45 degree to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage or use in temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, may decrease the potency of the ingredients and lessen the effectiveness, below 45 degrees Fahrenheit preserves the ingredients for later use.
    • Air should be circulating, and/or placed where temperature fluctuates 10 degrees Fahrenheit, twice a day, to saturate the rodent repelling scents it the areas being treated. Noncirculating air will lessen the effectiveness, isolated areas within hay, seed or feed may not be reachable.


      • Note: Outside use will breakdown scents at an uncontrolled rate because of differentiating environmental conditions; to extend life of the product place out of areas of direct moisture contact and wind.
      • For rodent holes and tunnels place one rock within and repeat as needed when rodents are noticed.
      • For open areas contents normally will provide scent within a 36″ diameter area, when air is still without wind. If wind is blowing do not expect the repelling action to be effective.
      • Conditions that reduce or eliminates a repellent actions includes wind blowing and temperatures range outside of 45 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

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