Blue Green Algae Blooms

Tip 1): When large amounts of fish feed is automatically being supplied by a lake management without adhering to feed directions, a hypothesis arises out of many circumstances that are not addressed, but recognized as health hazards.

Tip 2): Hypothesis as a result of performing studies, it has been observed that areas where government fish & game do not seem to adhere to fish feeding directions, are where there is a history of being an areas more prone to Blue Green Algae Bloom, that result in public and animal warnings by governmental authorities.

Tip 3): Hypothesis observation in small community lakes, excessive feeding of water fowl by residents seems to attract an excessive number of ducks and geese, who’s fecal dropping along the small lake and within the lake raises Blue Green Algae Bloom activity.


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DIRECTIONS TO USE: STOP Blue Green Algae Bloom

  1. Apply directly on top of the active blooming blue green algae and 12 inches past the blooming area.
  2. Apply when there is no water movement such as boats or wind.
  3. Treat when blue green algae is in it’s initial blooming stage, looking as a light skim on top of the water. Normally if you place a stick into the film and remove it will will similar to a blue green paint on the stick. If crusted on the water surface, it may be necessary to treat more aggressively.

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