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Mice & Rats

5-10 liters a year, with 3-14 babies in each liter (15 to 140 babies each year

Estimated $20 Billion damage caused in the United States yearly

Cost to treat per 3200 cubic feet for 3, up to 4 months $9.97

  • House Mouse
  • Field Mouse
  • Deer Mouse
  • White Footed Mouse
  • California Mouse
  • Woodland Jumping Mouse
  • Cotton Mouse
  • Cactus Mouse
  • Patent pending Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats formula claims include both formulation combination and process

Blue Green Algae

Estimated 10 year cost in the United States, $1 Billion

Cost to treat per foot in early stages, $0.25 per square foot using STOP Blue Green Algae Blooms

  • Identified as Cyanobacteria
  • Often cause by over abundant nutrients entering the water
  • Not all Cyanobacteria produces poisons or toxins
  • Signs of a toxic bloom includes, sick animals after drinking, dead fish, animals or birds and human sickness or rashes after exposure.
  • Patent pending STOP Blue Green Algae, has 50 plus claims being processed at this time.

Zebra Mussels

$300 – $500 Billion of damage in the United States annually

Cost to treat per linear foot of immediate shoreline, less than $1.50 per linear foot

  •  Zebra mussels are small bivalve shellfish, normally found in fresh or blackish water
  • Zebra mussels are of the Dreissena polymorpha family of shellfish
  • Life span is 4 to 8 years
  • Females reproduce 25,000 to 1,000,000 (normally published numbers)
  • Two of 50 plus U.S. Patents to address zebra mussels are involved with ZebraCide formulations.

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