Product Guarantee

100% Product Purchase Price Guarantee, Plus Initial Cost of Shipping From Natural Environmental Solutions, Inc., To Customer.

Product Guarantee Conditions and Process:

Product Guarantee is restricted to the original purchaser, where funds will be returned through original funding source.

Morgan’s Repellent Formulations Are Guaranteed to Repel Mice & Rats, when used as directed in an indoor environment. Morgan’s Repellent Formulations are not guaranteed when used out side where the environment (wind, moisture and temperature) can not be controlled).

As stated on the package, “Repellents are not 100% effective against all individual rodents.”, the expectation is that rodent sightings will be reduced by 90% when used indoors as directed on the package.

Product Guarantees are applicable to one or two units per customer.

Contact Providing your name, address, date of purchase, pictures of the area being treated along with a detail description how Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats was used and placed.

Guarantees must be initiated within 14 days of receipt of product.

Upon acceptance of claim the product must be shipped back to 301 Overland Park Place, New Century, KS 66031, ONLY AFTER A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER HAS BEEN ISSUED, at customers cost.

Past experience: Customer put more than ample product in a large room that contained food and clothing. No one lived in the house full time but rather was used as a weekend storage facility. After two weekends of the customer going to the house and opening the room, the rodents could be heard rustling in the food products. We requested the customer to send pictures of the room and inside the house, it was then that the customer explained that the house was build of solid concrete and all the doors were sealed. The customer was instructed to open the door to the room and open a door to the outside, within a few hours the rodents recognized the fresh air and was found in other untreated parts of the home.