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Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: G > prominent garlic scent

Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: PC > prominent peppermint / cinnamon scent

Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: SS: > more dispersed mixture of lighter aroma scents


Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: is expanding manufacturing capabilities to 7,800 units per shift to support product demands. The product demand is contributed to incorporating patent pending scientific based facts that repelling actions designed not to promote dead rodents and insects is more sanitary than poisons and traps.

April 2023 additional Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: Boats ‘n Cabins, is being added.

Date has pushed up from June 2024 to add Morgan’s’ Repellent Mice & Rats: Yard ‘n Garden

All Formulations & Processes Are Patented and/or Patent Pending

Greenhouses-Processing Areas-Food Processing-Warehouses-Homes-Vehicles-Garages-Kitchens-Restaurants-Boats-Empty Cabins-Occupied Cabins-Chicken Coop-Feed Storage-Rodent Burrows (rats)-ATVs-RVs-Storage Areas-Gas Stations-Convenience Stores

Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: 3 Scented Formulations

Comparisons are made using product instructions and price found at a retail store.

Indoor & Outdoor Uses


Natural, Minimum Risk Pesticides Products, Contain Active (food) Ingredients. Easy To Use Pesticides: For Mice, Blue Green Algae Booms, and Zebra Mussels. Typically, Little Risk or No Risk to Humans or the Environment, When Meeting EPA, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, Provision; 40 CFR 152.25(f).


Testimonials Are Non-Scientific Observations, by Individual Users. The Claims or Comments Do Not Reflect Natural Environmental Solutions, Inc., Claims. Directions or Findings.

Our Attic had mice in it so bad. We kept throwing mice poison up there and the smell would be just awful.  So we decided to try Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: PC. We no longer hear or see any mice in the attic.  What a blessing it is to get rid of the rodents.


Last Check-In
10/22/2022 – 2/4/2023
{3 months 13 days}
We have a storage building for chicken, horse and cattle feed that was infested with mice. We had tried everything to get rid of the rodents.  Then I tried Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: G and it has worked great.  The mice are no longer around, for over three months.

Our front porch is enclosed but the door stays cracked open so the dog can come in and sleep on the front porch.  So rodents were coming in and out.  I had to figure out the best placement for Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: PC and we even got rid of a rat that kept coming on the front porch.  It is so nice to keep the rodents outside away from my house.


Last Check-In
9/18/2022 – 2/1/2023
{4 months 14 days}

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